Summer Lovin'

Are you loving the summer?  School is out and the days are filled with time outside.  Family vacations are in the works.  Life feels easier over the summer.  

Take this time of ease to work on something that challenges your small being during the school year.  Does your small being have a hard time sitting still on long school days? Then take 30 minutes each day to sit down at the table and play board games, so sitting still can be practiced.  Does your small being have a hard time focusing or a hard time determining what is the important information to attend to?  Then take 30 minutes each day to sit down, read and then talk about the story.  Let your small being pick the reading material.  Does your small being have a hard time learning new skills and gets frustrated easily.  Then take 30 minutes each day to work on something new together.  It could be anything from building a model car to cleaning the bathroom to geometry, the important part is to give assistance while learning a new skill.

Summer is a great time to relax and reconnect with your small being.  It is also a great opportunity to focus on areas of challenge with creativity.

What skill will you work on with your small being?  I always love hearing your feedback so please leave your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below this post on my website or email me directly at with your behavior insights!