Behavior Fundamentals

By learning some key fundamentals you can feel confident in dealing with any challenging behavior. I break these down into easily understandable and actionable phrases that will help you make substantial change. Click below to get these important insights.

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The Basics of Behavior  

All behavior boils down to these simple causes.

Back to Basics/3 Phrases to live by       

There are very simple phrases that I use to help families change behavior every day. Here they are for you!

     Become a Detective      

Transform your feelings towards bad behavior to uncover the root causes.

How to Teach a Small Being to Do the Hard Things  

Learn how to nurture independence and grit in your small beings with this straightforward approach.

             How Your Perception of Your Small Being May Affect Your Ability to Change Their Behavior

The trick to behavior change lies in your mindset. Let's go over how to shift it!