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Ready to Learn The Exact Methods That Make Parenting a Breeze?

Discover the SAME Behavior Transformation System That’s Giving 2,000+ Parents Simple Step-by-Step Actions to Cure Every Behavior Problem Under the Sun!

If you ever feel overwhelmed and burnt out by the challenges of parenting, or even confused on what the heck to do next, then what you’re about to read on this simple page could totally transform your family into a peaceful, balanced, and thriving little tribe.

The truth is parenting IS tough… You’re NOT alone in this! Besides, nobody ever gave you a manual on “how to raise the perfect child”. It doesn’t exist.

However, it is possible to get your hands on the right tools, knowledge and motivation to face the hardest battles with your small being and be that cool-cucumber super mom you previously thought was only possible in "perfect family" TV shows.


Ready for a Boost of your parenting skills?

Get the tools, knowledge and motivation to face the hardest battles with your small being, all via email to provide the confidentiality and convenience you need to make it happen!


A Note from Dr. Marcie

Dear Superstar Parent,

I'm thrilled to offer the Behavioral Boost for Parents to you today!

I created this program to reach the families that I can't personally see or don't need an individualized session. There are so many people I talk to who just need a boost, a little bit of knowledge to get things started in the right direction. If you feel this way, then the boost is for you!

I know that your time is in limited supply, so I condensed my knowledge to make it most efficient for your busy and on-the-go life. After working for over 20 years with behavior, I've seen that sometimes simple tweaks can make a HUGE difference in families.

My mission is to help more families than I can touch in a day. Since I have not figured out how to be in two places at the same time, I created the boost so you can access behavioral guidance anytime and anywhere!

The six different Boosts are designed tackle your most pressing problems and turn yelling into laughter, frustration into calm.  

Blue skies are ahead. Let's get there together! 


What will Behavioral Boost do for me?

There are so many ways that the Behavioral Boost can improve life with your small being. Here are just a few:

  • Actually make it through homework without yelling and frustration.
  • Stop waffling back and forth with the directions you give your small beings—gain clarity about your priorities and how to apply them to your daily life.
  • Get out the door in the mornings without 32 reminders to your daughter to brush her teeth.
  • Peaceful bedtimes where going to bed on time is the norm and not the exception.
  • Create time with your small being to play go fish rather than having all of your time together consumed with tantrums.
  • Face parenting challenges with concrete tools to make a change.

How Does the Behavioral Boost Work?

In each Boost Dr. Marcie focuses on a specific topic that often stymies parents.

The format of each remains consistent: you'll receive emails from Dr. Marcie every day with tips, encouragement and guidance. She’ll answer your most pressing behavior questions and provide support as you move through your journey.

You also have the opportunity of joining the Facebook group, where you can receive the support of the B+B community. Your daily commitment is 15-30 minutes and the impact is beyond measure!

When you sign up for the Boost you get access to the material for the life of the program.

Each Boost program is intended for an individual. Feel free to forward it to your partner. We are not able to add them directly to your Boost at this time.


Don’t Take My Word For It

"The short amount of time it took for my husband and I to participate in the Behavior Boost made it easy to fit into our very busy schedules. The Boost not only positively changed my son's behavior, but my husband and I are definitely more conscious of putting our phones away and really being 100% mentally present when focusing on our kids during our quality one-on-one time."

— Mother of two small beings


"Whether we work on the day to day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."

— Mother of a 6-year-old boy, 3-year-old girl and 6-month-old


“I have three children that are all in different stages and Marcie never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom regarding behavioral issues despite the age or gender. She consistently provides the clarity and framework I need to parent with confidence.  Her advice is invaluable and timeless.”

— Mother of three small beings


"Dr. Marcie definitely gave us practical, day-to-day strategies for how to deal with certain behavioral situations. But she also had a nuanced understanding of the specific cognitive issues we were dealing with, and addressed those issues in an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and comprehensive way."

— Mother of a 7-year-old girl


Here Are The Subjects That Are Offered Through The Behavioral Boost


Boost 2 - Goals for Your Family
How to review annual goals and then break them down into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Includes special guest Toni Eames, Transformational Strategist and NLP Practitioner at

Boost 1 - Morning Routine
How to use simple methods to change mayhem into structured action. Includes special guest Michael Ian Cedar, Legacy Coach at


Boost 4 - Help with Chores + Homework
How to include your small being in household activities, and how to make getting homework done a habit. Includes special guest Susana Kraglievich, co-founder of Central Park Tutors AND Tara Mastin, Head of the Lower School at Williamsburg Northside Schools

Boost 3 - Bedtime Routine
How to create an improved routine for your small being...and YOU. Includes special guest Cathy Reid, Occupational Therapist, founder of Gowanus Treehouse


Boost 6 - Quality 1-on-1 Time
How to fit quality 1-on-1 time (that curbs challenging behavior) into your busy schedule. Includes special guest Jackie Dolson, Speech Language Pathologist, PROMPT Instructor at

Boost 5 - Parent Frustration
How to be positive while emotions are running high. Includes special guest Denise Hopkins, Yoga Instructor and Cranial Sacral Therapist at  


Did I mention that for each of the modules we'll have a special guest interviews + resources? I'm psyched to bring you experts who will give you added insight into how to this the best year yet!

PLUS you'll receive TWO bonus trainings: How to Get Your Partner on Board AND The Teacher's Perspective of Homework!


Still Not Sure?

Our incredible bonuses might interest you!

Special guest interviews with experts susana Kraglievich (Central park tutors), cathy reid, Denise Hopkins, Toni Eames, Michael Ian Cedar,  Jackie Dolson and more!


Guests interviewed are related experts to each Boost and will give you more perspectives and insights into how you can create more laughter and joy in your home!


Rather Act Now? Then Claim Your Boost!

Once you claim your Boost you will begin to receive Boost content.

Still not sure? Let's speak to your concerns!

1.   I am already too busy with too much on my plate, how can I fit this in?

I get it, there are only 24 hours in a day AND this program will save you time! The time and energy you spend on challenging behaviors every day is more than you realize. This program requires just 15-30 minutes a day and ultimately save hours in aggravation and family fighting. Putting in the extra time now will be well worth it.

2.   You want to wait to see how the year goes before putting any new things in place.

The tools in the boost are to help you to be proactive. Don’t wait until your small being is struggling and you are so frustrated you can't see straight to put support in place. The Behavioral Boost is designed to help prevent problem behavior from arising in the first place. Be proactive and ensure that challenging behaviors don’t appear.

3.   Behavior improved greatly over the break.  You are keeping your fingers crossed it will continue through the school year.

This happens for countless small beings. The holiday break had less demands and less stress. Negative behaviors decrease without the structure of school and busyness of after-school activities and homework, not to mention more time outside. Get really honest with yourself, were there really no behaviors this summer because your small being matured or were they just significantly reduced because stress and demands were significantly reduced?

4.   It is too expensive.

The value within this program far exceeds the cost. You are getting effective tools and strategies that are all for less than the cost of one session with a Behavior Therapist.

5.   It won’t fit into your schedule.

Each morning an email is sent to you. You can read and do the exercises anytime that works for you. You will have lifetime access to the material as long as the course exists, so you have tons of flexibility to do it at a time that works for you.

6.   You worry that it won’t actually address the problems in your home.

You know exactly what the topics are, so you will know if the topics are right for you.

7.   You are super interested but worried that your partner/co-parent/nanny/etc won’t follow through, so why bother?

All it takes is one person to be invested to change behavior. If you are willing to take the first step, when others see that it is working, they may hop on board.  If not, won’t it be nice to have better behaviors between you and your small beings? You partner/coparent/nanny can have their own experience with behavior. While consistency is valuable, start with consistency within yourself. (P.S. There's a special bonus specifically on this topic!)

8.   You already understand why your small being has the behavior challenges you face and it is just part of life.

Understanding why your small being engages in challenging behavior is great but it is not an excuse.  All beings are capable of positive behavior and want to engage with others in a positive way. Let’s teach your small being how to do it! We can bring their unique learning style, development or situation into consideration, but all the tools in the boost have been used with countless children with success!

9.   You have already tried everything and nothing worked, so you don’t think this will work either, aka: you have given up.

You have not tried this! I have worked with several families who are at the end of their ropes, having the same feeling that nothing will work. My unique take on behavior has been successful for them. You have nothing to lose.

If you have questions, feel free to ask: email  


I look forward to personally guiding you toward more happiness and joy into your home.

Remember, small steps lead to big behavioral changes. Let's get there together.