A Parent's Personal Experience with Honesty

This week I wrote about being honest with small beings.  A dear friend and parent emailed me a touching story of her own experience with lies and small beings.  With her permission, I am sharing it with you! 

"Oh Marcie, You are so fiercely intelligent and kind, for truth is both those things. I cannot agree more about being honest with our children (with anyone really!).  Here's a remembered time:  When my small being Sandy was diagnosed with cancer, we told him the truth, simply, but the truth. When we didn't know things, we told him that.  There was a girl in our town who'd been dx'd with the same kind of cancer but her parents couldn't bring themselves to tell her.  As she got sicker, she and Sandy talked, and she cried, saying she felt so bad her parents lied to her, that she didn't want to hurt them by telling them she knew she was dying.  This is the simplicity of how we live honestly and fully.  How can we expect our small ones to honor us, if we do not honor them?? "