What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about?

How much play is in your life?  Not in the life of the small beings that you are around, but your actual life.  How many minutes a day are you on the floor playing? How much time is invested in imagination and creativity and exploration and games? 

Much of my days are actually spent playing.  I attempt to teach the small beings that I spend time with that when they are listening and having great behavior, that I am one of the funnest people they know!  I teach behavior techniques and so much more through games and toys.  We get to play when their behavior is good and great and wonderful.  I wonder how this looks in your life.  When small beings are behaving well, do you join their play?  Or do you take that as a moment when you can get something else done?  See what would happen if you took a few more moments each day to join.

Often we focus on the problems or challenges or struggles being faced.  We focus on what needs to be different or better or stopped.  A piece of changing negative undesirable behavior is replacing it with a positive desirable behavior that fills the same need.  Could you spend the same amount of time playing with your small being as you do addressing negative behaviors?  Could you start playing and focusing on the positive behavior and provide less attention to the negative behaviors?  It might create a dramatic shift!  

I am not sure if the Hokey Pokey is what it is all about.  But I am sure that playing and having fun with small beings makes the days so much more enjoyable!