Clean your Plate!

Eat everything on your plate before you can have your dessert....this is one of those classic sayings that has lasted the test of time.  Behaviorally, it is one of my favorites when discussing feeding habits.

Eating all the food on ones plate is not always a good the world of super sized portions and a culture of excess, this may not be ideal.  However, with small beings, I am a big fan!  This is because we (the big beings) are always in control of the portions on a small beings plate.  We should only put as much food on their plate as is realistic for them to eat.  If your small being only eats one carrot, why put 3 on his/her plate? Give them just one and let it success happen! No debates or convincing or negotiation. 

Here is the trick, you can always give your small being more food.  If you are in constant negotiations around food with your small being, giving them smaller and consumable portions will remove the constant back and forth about how much to eat.  Once the small portion is eaten, there can always be more added.  If your small being eats one carrot and wants more, you can always go back to the fridge and get another. 

 As a bonus, we end up teaching our small beings about not wasting food.