A Personal Twist

There is so much information available.  So many experts with so many opinions about how to do so many things “right”.  Oh, yes, I may be classified as one of those experts.  The challenge is finding the right combination of guidance in a way that is true for you and not creating conflict in the actions you apply to your life.

Whether you are a parent or a teacher, read and learn material that resonates with your style and opinion.  Read and learn things that don’t.  Then really think about what is right for you.  Apply that to your life!  This is one of the elements that I love about behavioral work.  There are so many different techniques that can be applied.  If one approach does not feel right, there is another way to get the same results! 

If I am working with a parent and one tactic does not feel appropriate to them, we will find another that does.  In a classroom teachers need ideas that work in the big picture and behaviorally there are lots of choices.  Ask lots of questions and alter your approach, especially with the small beings in your life, to one that is true and genuine for you.  Make sure that whatever you are doing, it is something that is the right fit for you!

A great example of how engaging with small beings can have a personal twist is from a blog I read a few days ago: How to Fix Your Child’s Attitude.  It offers some great practice ideas!  It has similar message about examining your behavior as the big being and how this mom made her actions personal.