Creating a History by Posting Photos Online

The picture above is of me dressed as a baby, my father dressed as a clown, my sister as a 1950’s diva and my best friend growing up, Jess, as a clown.  

When I first saw it and considered using it for a Halloween post, my first thought was: I have to check with my dad, my sister and Jess to see if it is okay to post online!  

My second thought was: I should just find a picture that only has me in it.  

Well, I did check with my father, sister and Jess and they were all alright with me using it, so here it is!  One of my favorite Halloweens as a small being!

As I work on my social media presence and remodel my website, photographs are something I have thought a ton about, most significantly, photos of small beings.  Many consultants on this project have asked me to add pictures to my website that contain small beings with whom I work.  Parents have given me consent in the past to use photos from sessions, but it never felt right. I stand by that feeling and will only strictly use photographs with professional models. These stand-ins are intentional to protect the privacy of the small beings in my practice.  

You see, casual photos placed online are posted without the small being’s consent. The small being most certainly can not have the foresight to consider what it would be like if someone found that picture in 15 years.  

It feels like a grey area of consent, so I will not use pictures of small beings that I actually work with on my website or in social media. All the small beings you see on Behavior and Beyond media are either professional models...or me as a kid :.)

Which brings me to a question for you: What do you think of the longevity of the photographs when you post pictures of your small beings online?

The internet, especially  Facebook and Instagram, has such a long memory.  Even after we delete things, they are still searchable. While the platforms may change, what we have uploaded will be there forever.  Also, it is not that difficult for a third party to upload the photos onto their computer forever. You have no control of those photographs once they are posted.

Are there pictures that were great in the moment but may embarrass your small being if their future high-school self sees them? (Tweet)

Are you creating a certain image or story of who your small being is by the pictures and captions you post?

Be thoughtful and think about the longevity of the photographs you post of your small beings.  Consider what their future selves will want as a public record, not simply what your amusement is today.  Happy posting...with intention!


Ideas into Action!

This week we're asking parents to put themselves in the hot seat! Post a photograph of yourself  on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram when you were a kid and use the tag “#BehaviornBeyond.”

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