Because I Said So

The old saying from Parents, "Because I said so" has become the punch line in many jokes and is a parental stance that many beings work hard to avoid.  There are some really valuable lessons within this simple phrase.  Elements that should be included in todays interactions.


The most significant element that "Because I said so" teaches beings is the authority of big beings.  Big beings do get to make the decisions, that is important for small beings to know and understand.  There is a comfort for small beings to know that they are not in charge.


Another significant element of "Because I said so" is that it takes out the over explaining and negotiating that many times happens between big beings and small beings today.  If a decision is made, giving your small being a short explanation is great.  However, what happens frequently, is that the decision is questioned by the small being and long discussions follow.  In some moments, the long conversation is appropriate.  However, more often than not, a short explanation is more than enough.  Many big beings could benefit from reducing the explaining they do with small beings.


The final element of "Because I said so" that I want to bring to your attention is how reliable it is.  As big beings, we don't always have the answer.  We find ourselves in dynamics with our small beings and don't know the right answer.  In those moments, be inspired by "because I said so"; it is short and direct and clear and it ends the discussion (because the big being then stops engaging).  Aspire to give a response that is short and direct and clear and final.