"Behave Your Way to Success"

I recently heard this quote: "Behave your way to success".  It is a Dr. Phil quote and I love it!  While we don't always think of success when we think of happy small beings or families that are getting along or classrooms that run smoothly, it is a fitting word.  Success is in all these areas.  A successful day at school provides a clear picture. A successful trip to the park also provides a clear picture.  A successful birthday party, again, another clear picture.


For many big beings we start to expect to have unsuccessful interactions with our small beings.  We being to expect the tantrum or the lack of listening or the defiance from our small beings, regardless of their age.  We alter our behavior to avoid these unsuccessful situations.  This can only ever be a short-term solution.  


What would it look like to behave your way to successful interactions?  What if you stopped walking on egg shells around your small being?  What would it take to set your small being up for success as well as yourself?  To me, "behave your way to success" has the same sentiment as "fake it till you make it".  Our behavior does dictate others behavior...so if we act successful and treat our small beings as if success if possible, it might just happen...


Try it and let me know how it goes!