Tools That Work

Do you have friends that send you articles?  Now that everything is online, it is so easy to share information.  I had several people share this New York Times article with me: Teaching Children to Calm Themselves.  It is a wonderful article and wanted to keep on sharing.  If you did not read it yet, you should!  Just click on the title and read.


One of the elements that really struck me was the concrete tools that are talked about.  Teaching a child to calm down was not an abstract concept or an esoteric idea. There were steps that were talked about and tools that adults are putting in place to teach children to calm themselves down.  This is what I do all day with beings of all sizes...put in place real tools to help change behavior.  


The systems this article talks about are tools that they are using with small beings who have experienced trauma.  Here's a secret: these tools can benefit all small beings (and big beings).  Specifically there are three tools I want to highlight for you:

1. Consistency!  A system is put in place and has been consistently utilized for over a year.  That really gives everyone a chance to get used to and know how it works.

2. Repetition!  When a small being was upset the same response was given over and over again.  The response was specifically to help the small being.  The big beings all did the same thing over and over.

3. Clarity!  The response to the small beings behavior was clear.  Specific identifiable steps were given to the small being to do.  In this case the actions were stop, breath, count...each of these was a clear tool for the small being to use.

Use these tools in your attempts to change behavior!

What tools do you use with your small beings?  Share with us by leaving your thoughts in the comment box below.