This Post is For YOU!!

Happy Tuesday!

What behavioral question are you dying to have answered? Is there a pattern that you experience that you want to change? How can this blog answer your questions best?

I truly want to hear from you! Tell me your questions or worries or what keeps you up at regards to behavior.  I will create a blog post in the near future to answer your specific questions!  There are 2 options for getting me your thoughts.  First, click the comment section below and post your question.  Second, if you are feeling shy, email me directly with your questions and thoughts.  

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!!

Also if you are looking for some guidance in person and are going to be in New York City, I am doing a workshop on May 3rd! It will be held at Bend and Bloom...a wonderful yoga studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  For more information and to register simply click here.  Hope to see you there!