Behavioral Tips for the Best Spring Break Ever!

This week is Spring Break for many beings.  It is exciting to be out of school.  It can also be overwhelming.  With the holidays this week, many of us will be spending time with family.  Many beings will be traveling.  Routines and structure have gone directly out the window.  Here are a couple easy tips to create behavior success over your vacation!

Plan to break the rules!  Talk with your small being about the difference in schedule and expectations.  Create "Spring Break Rules" to substitute for your usual "Family Rules" (even if you don't have regular family rules, I suggest you set up spring break rules.)  Let it be an open conversation that the rules are different on vacation (home vacation or travel vacation).  Expect that grandparents will serve ice cream before dinner, more tv will be watched and bedtimes will be extended.  Communicate about these changes and keep the dialogue open.  This will not only make the time on vacation flow since expectations will be clear; it will also create a smoother transition back to family rules after the vacation.

Keep some structure! Without the regular structure of school, small beings may not know what may be happening each day.  Each morning, find a few minutes to talk about the events for the day.  If it is a full day of adventures (visiting with family, running around Disney World or running errands with a parent) let the small beings know what is coming up.  If there are no plans, let the small beings know that it is an open day with lots of possibilities and potential changes.  Talk about what each family member is going to be doing, especially if different beings are doing different things.

Remember it is Spring Break, so fill your days with laugher and play.

Would love to hear how your Spring Break unfolds. So, leave a comment on my blog page letting me know how these tips helped create the Best Spring Break for your family.