GI Joe is Right!

GI Joe's most famous quote is "Knowing is half the battle".  Let's apply his wisdom to behaviors.  Make sure that all beings present know what good behavior is.  Take the time to ensure expectations are known.  Without knowing what is expected as good behavior, it is impossible to have good behavior.  

There are certain phrases that are consistently used with small beings that are frequently unclear.  Ever tell a small being to "Be Good" or "Act right"?  What does that actually mean? When you ask a small being what Being Good looks like, they often do not know how to make it happen.  Honestly, being good changes based on where you are and what is happening.  Being good in school is different behavior than being good on the playground.  Be specific, give details of how to be good (like looking at a big being when talking with them or sitting quietly in your chair or waiting your turn to go down the slide).

Knowing is half the battle also applies to us as big beings.  We need our own knowledge and clarity about behavior, in order to express it to our small beings.  Have you ever called your small beings to dinner and they refuse to come?  Then in frustration you say, "Fine, don't come".  Then realize that it is family dinner and start calling them back to the table again.  This back and forth in your behavior does not give your small beings a chance to have good behavior because you are not being clear with what is expected.  Knowing what is expected, is a huge step towards having the behavior you desire!

As you go through your day today, practice clearly expressing what good behavior is for yourself and to your small beings.  Watch to see how knowing leads to improved behavior!  I would love to hear about your observations, so comment below this post on the website or email me directly at