Waiting: A skill we all need to practice

Waiting.  This is a skill I think of as something that small beings need to learn.  Yet, I have noticed that waiting is a skill that many big beings could benefit from revisiting.  As technology moves everything around us faster, waiting becomes harder for all of us.  Think about it, emails are responded to within minutes, books are delivered to our Kindle within seconds and Facebook lets up catch up with friends without waiting to dial a phone.  Seems like all Beings could use some practice and refinement in waiting skills. 

As we strive to stay on top of our fast speed world, here is where I see waiting to be a critical skill for big beings.  When you are with small beings, wait to answer the phone or check emails, wait to change your clothes after work or take care of one more household chore.  Just 10 minutes of waiting, of giving another being your undivided and uninterrupted attention can make a tremendous difference.  The quality of those few minutes counts for quadruple the quantify.  As in, 10 minutes of focused play and attention with your small beings is better than an hour of distracted and multi-tasking time together.

My challenge to you is to find one time in each day this week where you can practice waiting.  When you are practicing waiting, give your full attention to the small being around you. Notice how it changes your relationship with that small being.  I want to hear about those changes!  So please leave a comment in the section below this post or hit reply to this email and tell me all about it.


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