I Love You Mommy!

As I sit down to write this weeks post, it is early morning.  It is the start of summer and many families are making the switch from school routines to camp routines or summer routines.  I am brainstorming all the concepts I want to share with you.  Finally deciding to tell you about my choice to use the term small beings, medium beings and big beings when I write my posts.  I have typed out the first two sentences and then, outside my window, I hear a horn honk and a small voice yell, "I Love You, Mommy!"  It sounds like the voice of a small being running off to her first day of camp.  My thoughts shift and my decision is changed.  Today, let's talk about loving your small being.

Showing your small being that you love them every day is critical.  Showing love comes in countless forms.  Speaking with compassion, even when faced with challenging behavior.  Finding five minutes of quality time, without cell phones or tv or computer interruptions.  Singing together as you set the table for dinner.  Leaving for camp 5 minutes early, so you can be silly on the walk or drive.  Playing a favorite game together.  Right after you show your small being love, tell them you love them and how much you love that moment.  These are the interactions we want to highlight and increase in our lives!

Each day, pick one act of love to engage in with your small being and highlight it, out loud in the moment.   Start to notice how adding one additional act of love and attention changes the behavior between you and your small being.

How do you show the beings in your life that you love them?  I always love hearing your feedback so please leave your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below this post on my website or email me directly with your behavior insights!


Stay tuned for next week when I reveal why I use the terms small beings, medium beings and big beings.