One small step

Behaviors change!  Now, think about one behavior you want to change.  It can be a behavior of your own or a behavior of your small being.  Several behaviors may come to mind.  In this moment, pick only one, the one you most want to change.

Right now, think of one small piece of this behavior that you can change. Take that one step today.  Make the step be clear and concrete, so you easily know if you did it or not.  Here are some examples to get you going.  Want your small being to have better eating, then put one new vegetable on his/her plate at dinner time.  Want to decrease tantrums in your home, keep yourself calm during one tantrum each day.  Want to bring more joy into you family, celebrate each other by stating 3 reasons you love each other.  Have a new skill you or your small being want to learn, find 5 minutes to practice it today.  Practice this one step for several days.

Once this first step becomes part of your daily routine, then decide on the next small step and put that in place.  Yes, changing behavior takes time and focus.  Yes, you can do it!

If you want some more ideas about what small step to take to change behavior and you live in NYC, come to my workshop on August 7th.  Details and registration can be found here

What behavior did you decide you are going to start changing today?  What small step are you taking today to make that behavior change?  I always love hearing your feedback so please leave your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below this post on my website or email me directly at with your behavior insights!