One Giant Step

Last week, I wrote to you about One Small Step you could take to make a change in the behaviors of your small being.  I hope that you are having great success with that the one small step and are seeing changes unfold! 

This week I want to focus on the other end of the spectrum - One Giant Step towards making behavioral changes with your small being.  

Think about challenging behaviors that you currently experience, with yourself or your small being.

What do those behaviors look like today?  What do you want those behaviors to look like in one month from today, six months from today and one year from today?  

Write down your current behavior challenges, the changes that you want to see and a time frame.  Date that paper and mark your calendar to check it every three months to see what changes have occurred.

Talk with your small being about the goals you are setting to make them part of the process to change behavior.  Tell them what you are setting as goals for change. Ask them what they want to focus on.  You may be surprised by the statements they make about the future and changes they wish to bring about!

Let's talk! How does this resonate with you? 

What behavior are you focusing on for long-term change?


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