Question From Seth Godin

Have you heard of Seth Godin? He is a fascinating man with incredible ideas. A friend passed along the link to watch his TedTalk. I highly recommend it.

Seth's Ted Talk examines our current school system and encourages people to think about the purpose of school. What is school for?

He poses an interesting perspective. Whether you agree or disagree with him, I encourage you to borrow his question. “What is ____ for?” Fill in the blank with anything you want. Personally, I would encourage you to fill in the blank with behavioral concepts for yourself or your small being(s), as that is where I spend lots of my time lost in thought.

For example, you could ask about your small being: “What is that yelling for?” or “What is that hitting for?” If you know that answer, then you have a much greater chance of changing it.

And you can ask that question to yourself, a big being: “What is my yelling for?”. If you can answer that question, you are more likely to stop yelling at your small beings, which I would advocate. You can also apply this questions to house rules: “What is 8pm bedtime for?” If you can answer that question, you will feel more confident in your parenting.

Ideas into action!

Find three things today to truly ask yourself “What is _____ for?” See how the answer changes your behavior. (Tweet)

Second, share this concept in a conversation with someone else. Obtaining a variety of perspectives is always a great way to explore your ideas.

Third, let me know what you find out!


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