Is My Kid just a BAD Kid?

One of the most popular questions I get asked from parents is: Have you ever seen a kid as bad as mine? My answer is always the same - Your kiddo is amazing! The behavior could use some work. 

There is a big difference between bad kids and bad behavior. The first one, bad kids don't exist. No child is trying to get in trouble or be bad. They did not become evil or are not so set in their behavior that it can't change.

Behavior can be bad. 

Here is the good news: ALL behavior can change.

This means, that your child is never a bad human. They might just need some new ways to behave. If that is the case, you are in in the right place!

Check out this video - its chapter 13 from my new book, Love Your Family Again. 

Dr. Marcie reads from her new book Love Your Family Again. Action based tools are provided so you can make changes in your families life today! This chapter talks about the difference between bad kids and bad behavior. Your child might do bad things, but that does not make him/her a bad kid. Get the concrete tools to change your perspective, so you can change the problem behavior.