I'm a Parenting Media Association Award Winner!

Last Tuesday I was sitting at my desk checking email. I was expecting to answer some parenting questions, address some scheduling needs and see what new families has reached out. 

There was an email from my editor. I say, "my editor" loosely. I write a monthly column for New York Parenting. The email was from Susan Weiss, the editor. She has only emailed me a handful of times outside of confirmation of articles received. I was super curious. 

The subject was "New York Parenting took home 10 Awards!!!" Yup, she used 3 exclamation points, this was going to be exciting. I got myself ready to celebrate as I opened the email.

Parenting Media Association 2017 was in bold and big letters. How exciting, I thought, I write for a magazine that won so many awards! Then I kept reading and saw my name. 


I didn't understand as I did not apply, I wondered how could this be. Turns, out my editor submitted my column. I won the silver medal in my column (not just one article). The category is Child Development & Parenting Issues. 

There was a massive happy dance that happened in my home office, right there and then. Yes, I put on Megan Trainor, hopped on my trampoline and danced it out. I then called 3 different friends to share the exciting news with. Email has never been so fun!

The column is something I love doing. I have not received too much feedback about it. Each month I decide on a topic, write about and submit it. Cross my fingers and hope that parents find value in the stories I share. With the award I received feedback from the judges. Here is what they said: "This column gives parents some practical tips for dealing with behavior issues that seem to crop up from time to time. This feature has a strong connection with the reader while also offering a “cheat sheet” for how to handle the issues next time around, too."

This has been an amazing surprise!!

You never know when you will be a winner. You never know when a celebration will begin right at your desk. When it is your time, how will you celebrate?

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