Anger Management and Emotional Intelligence: How to get your Kid to Face Emotions without Distruction

I think of myself as a rather articulate person. I have practiced being clear with my words and finding ways to express my thoughts so that others can hear me. It comes with the career :)

Yet, sometimes it all falls apart.

Last week I was on the phone with my assistant, talking about scheduling (its a big piece of my puzzle). I explained the logistics of a situation, she said, "Got it." Then a few minutes later, she called back with a question. I explained again, she said, "Got it." Then a few minutes later, she called again with another question, about the same thing.

I was soooo frustrated. My logical mind told me that I must not be speaking as clearly as I thought I was. My emotional mind was falling apart, all I wanted to do was throw my phone across the room and cry. 

I didn't. Luckily my logical mind won this battle and I explained again what I wanted. Thankfully! Afterwards I got up from my desk and took a 10 minute walk, that was all I had time for but I knew I needed to move and breath and step away from the situation. 

It was a simple situation and looking back I can't remember why I was so frustrated. I just know that I was. Have you been here? You know it is not a big deal but it feels like it is. Luckily at work, we can usually keep our cool. 

For some reason, at home, this type of situation plays out very differently. Often our emotional mind wins and we follow our emotions into places that we would all rather not speak about. 

Thankfully, June was brave enough to talk with me about her experiences. We may have focused more on how to teach her son how to manage his anger, but isn't it all the same :) The moments when emotions run high are when you need the best of the best of your parenting tools! June Angelides and I have a great conversation all about that in this weeks post. She is the mother of 3 and an amazing entrepreneur, founder of Mums in Technology. We talk mostly about her kids and how to teach them about emotions in a healthy way.