How to Help Kids Deal With Anxiety

“I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time. I’ve done it all. Talk therapy for years. Nothing has helped.”

This is what my friend said to me over dinner a few weeks ago. I could understand as I hear this from parents, kids, and educators all the time.

Truth is, I'm working with more and more small beings who are struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety is the root cause of many behavior issues, so helping a child cope with anxiety will help them in other parts of their life. The exciting truth is that anxiety itself is a behavior. This means that there are behavioral strategies to reduce it! (Click to Tweet)

As the conversation with my friend unfolded I realized that I was giving her strategies that I use with many small beings. I included these in the video below. Enjoy!

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one way you can help your child to overcome anxiety? Commit to trying this one strategy this week.

Teachers: What strategy will you use with your anxious students this week? Let me know your results!


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