Essential Behavior Strategies

Some people hit the gym. My preference is to hit the yoga mat.

When life gets busy exercise is usually the first thing in my life to fall by the wayside. Lately I've had some time to put yoga back into my schedule.

And I've been rediscovering one of the fundamental parts of the practice, which is to come to the mat each time with a beginner's mindset. Now that I'm focusing on that element, I'm having fun with yoga in a whole new way.

When we are going through life at full speed it's so easy to forget the most basic reasons behind why we do things.

Before you go back into the school year, it's a good chance to look at the fundamentals of behavior change.

So, my team and I assembled the best resources on my blog onto one simple page.

Click here or on the helpful "Behavior Fundamentals" yellow box to the right of this blog to access a resource page for how to make a behavior shift.

Insight Into Action!

Parents and Teachers: What is one behavior fundamental you will focus on before the beginning of the school year?

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