How Behavior Manuals Are Impossible

What I love about my iPhone is that I can walk into the Apple retail store and any of their experts will fix the problem that I have.

There’s obviously a manual to this device that I don’t understand, but these experts know it by heart.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a manual about how small beings work? Your small being throws a tantrum, so you turn to X page and receive Y solution.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a manual or one brilliant answer that someone can give you to work in every situation.

To complicate matters, there’s more than one answer for every small being. You know that feeding them could help, but so could taking a nap. You could opt for giving them some attention, but you’re not sure if going to the park would be better.

You know from experience that there’s not one right perfect answer that will work every time.

So, while there are lots of books out there about small beings (I will have one joining book shelves soon), there isn’t going to be one manual that will work. Each situation is unique and requires an expert eye to take all the factors into account.

So, stop looking for the one perfect answer! (Tweet)

Know that you are going to have many to choose from. The ideal is that you have a hefty toolkit and know how to differentiate which tool will be best in each situation. Maybe your New Year's Resolution can be to fill your toolkit with tools that you are confident about and to stop looking for the manual.

Know that I have a great tool-building program starting on Monday, January 11th and running through the month of January. It’s called Making January Count. I will go over how behaviors work, share my best tools and give you a chance to ask me questions live. Yup, that means you can apply the tools and then come back and ask me how to smooth out the bumps you hit!

If that is not your cup of tea, find a cup somewhere that will give you some tools to best address your small being. This will help you uncover the behavior mysteries you are facing.

Happy New Year!


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