Happy Birthday (Please Share!)

                    Birthdays are the best!

                   Birthdays are the best!

For every birthday in my 20's I went to Ben & Jerry's and picked up a Vermonster, their 20-scoop wonder sundae. I threw it into a cooler and headed to the park, where friends dropped by for loving spoonfuls.

This birthday I've done some reflection. It's been an amazing year and I've been honored to create so many incredible free resources on this blog. If you notice, on the right-hand side of this page there is a list of categories. My team and I organized the best blog articles so that you can get to the right resources faster.

There are a lot of behavioral resources and tips on this blog and I think they could be useful to a lot more parents out there.

So, instead of eating ice cream this birthday I'm spreading the word. May I be so bold as to ask you to do the same?

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I'm excited to continue to guide you in making small steps for big behavioral changes. Go take some small steps today!


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