How to Talk with Your Child about Bullying

Its time for a heart to heart - to have the hard conversation. Last Friday there was another school shooting. It's too much! We need to come together and take the small steps that are needed to change this pattern.

I was in Upstate New York when I heard about it. At first I was glued to the news wondering what happened this time. After hearing the details for the fifth time, I realized it was time to get up and do something else. Listening over and over was not going to create a change.

I went to a nearby lake, sat down and start writing...trying to figure out what is it that I can do to create a change. The answer is this weeks video! 

Addressing the behavior, that is my speciality. So lets start here...with the behavior.
One of the low level behaviors that is often mentioned in relation to these incidents is bullying. Do you talk with your kids about bullying? 

One of the big reasons we don't talk with your kids about bullying is because we don't know how to have the conversation. We, as adults, are at a loss of words. If this is your situation, this video is for you. Three ways to have the conversation with your kids.

Watch this weeks video

ree simple steps to start the conversation. It is one concrete step that you can take towards changing this reality. When we all start having productive conversations about the hard issues with our children, things will change.

Let me know how the conversation goes for you!