What to Do When a Child Asks, "Why Should I Listen to YOU?!"

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In this month's Dr. Marcie Ask Me Anything we spoke about:

Professionals at 8:30pm EST: (0:08)

  • What to do as a professional when a kiddo asks, "Why should I listen to you?" 
  • Specific Questions:
    • I have a third-grade munchkin who is really struggling to learn to tell time and do addition and subtraction problems with clocks (I suspect there are a lot of underlying foundational math skills that are missing, too). When I try to help coach her through some of the homework problems during after-school homework time, she will immediately start giving random, mostly nonsensical answers without thinking ("What's one minute after 4 o'clock?" "Two!"). I assume she does this because thinking the problem through seems too hard. What should I do?
    • I know the most important thing is not to give my student the answers, but should I reword/break down the question to make it easier while she continues to throw out random guesses? Alternatively, do I keep saying "no, try again," "don't just guess," or "Does that make sense?"  in the hopes that eventually she'll try to think through the problem? What's the best strategy?
  • Use the 80-20 rule: Small beings should know the answer easily 80% of the time, so they can feel good about trying hard the other 20% of the time. (Tweet)
    • Some tips:
      • If kids won't engage, then get them to guess.
      • If they're guessing, then ask them how they got their answer.
      • Ask them how they did the problem, rather than telling them how to do it.

Parents at 9:00pm EST: (27:50)

  • What to do as a parent when a kiddo asks, "Why should I listen to you?"
  • The difference between an ADHD and an energetic child
  • Will my kid be scarred for life if I take away their technology cold turkey?

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