How to Combat Self-Criticism: Loving Where You Stand

We big beings have countless places for guidance, including self-help books, DIY books, workshops, conferences, webinars, magazines, blogs, podcasts, pamplets and lectures on every nuance of every topic from various perspectives. 

And right now I'm contributing to the extensive amount content in the world. 

Even when the content is good and resonates with you, does it ever feel like too much? Like you are fed up with holding up the mirror to find yet another thing that you're doing wrong and need to change? 

Then you are in very good company, because that has certainly crossed my mind. That might surprise you since I create that kind of content myself, but in fact I used to joke about writing a book titled “I'm Done Improving Myself.”

There is another layer of self-improvement when you are a big being who is responsible for the development and growth of a small being; self-judgment, shame and embarrassment exponentially increase for you.  When you are a parent the knowledge that you have erred is compounded by guilt and heartache, since you know that you have created challenges for your small being.

Here is the tricky part (and the reason I'm talking to you about this today): I want you to find a way to sidestep self-judgment.  It's like what I say to small beings: you are doing the best you can do with the skills that you have. (Tweet) Each and every day you are doing the best that you can to help the small beings in your life grow and thrive! I know you are. 

So, here's the deal: I will continue to be your cheerleader and remind you that you are amazing, loved and fantastic. I'm here to support you, just as much as I am here to help you see ways to grow and improve.  

And I want you to work combating the critical eye so many of us have on ourselves.  Stop beating yourself up! Right now, in this moment, please start loving yourself more.  If it feels to hard to do it for yourself, then do it as a model for your small being!

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Ideas into Action!

Each time you notice yourself judging yourself, shift your mindset. Instead, congratulate yourself for being aware that you are being self-critical, because that's the first step to creating change!

After giving yourself a hearty congratulations find one element of your action that was positive. If you are able, write down that positive element (yup, like a gratitude journal) or say it out loud.  It will help make it more real.


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