Creating a Bonding Experience: Harry Potter and Beyond!

The Harry Potter series is loved by beings of all sizes. Small beings are eager for their parents to read it to them, medium beings will curl up and read chapter after chapter, and big beings are happy to carry the big books around until they’re done.

Recently, one of the families I work with mentioned they were reading through all six books. Amazingly, the dad’s face was just as excited as his daughter's face. They're both super enthusiastic to hear the stories and share the adventure.

Whether it’s the unique food in the dining hall, the elements of friendship, or the outrageous adventures, the Harry Potter series is exciting for both big and small beings.

Truth is, we all crave an activity or passion that we can be excited about with our small being. (Tweet) It’s not about enduring your small being's preferences, though sometimes you will. It’s not about your small being enduring your preferences, though sometimes they will. It’s about finding the activities that you both enjoy and can do together.

We'll have more time together during the holidays, so create more fun by coming up with a common interest.

Take a lesson from Harry Potter. Find a book series, movie, cooking project, game, or adventure that you can enjoy with your small being.

If you need inspiration, then join me tonight for the Ask Me Anything, my monthly webinar, and hear about some fabulous Harry Potter cooking actives to do with your small beings.

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one activity that you liked to do as a small being? What do you think about introducing that activity to your small being?

Professionals: What was your favorite holiday-related activity that you did while a student in school? How might you introduce that to your class as a bonding activity before you send them off for holiday break?


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