Your Special Gifts for Supporting My #1 Bestselling Book

It’s been an overwhelming and incredible week.

My book Love Your Classroom Again came out on the 15th, it quickly became a #1 bestseller, and I’ve received wonderful reviews on Amazon ever since.*

I’ve been touched by how many people have bought the book and shared it with their communities. Your schedules are intense, so when I see so many of you taking your precious few extra moments to support my work it affirms the journey in behavior that I started almost 20 years ago.

I’m so incredibly grateful.

So I’d like to offer you a gift.

If you simply email your paperback receipt to I’ll send you over $400 in bonuses that include:

  • Behavior Boost Program: Get the proven strategies, encouragement, and reminders to deal with a specific behavior problem in your home or classroom. Value: $200, For you: free
  • Behavior Foundation Audio Series: Learn my essential keys for good behavior. Value: $200, For you: free

It's my hope that these extra pieces along with Love Your Classroom Again will help you to overcome any behavior difficulties that you face.

Thank you again for your support!


* There’s always room for one more Amazon review. :.)