Goal Setting IS a Family Activity

What do you think of when you hear the term goal setting? When I think of goal setting, I imagine very proper projects for a corporate business. I visualize building a deck or redecorating a room. I think of creating a business plan and having numbers in place to prove the growth of that business. My mind assumes that Im trying to lose weight!

And I dont think that Im unique in my thoughts. 

Did you ever imagine that goal setting could also apply towards your family, even small beings with who you spend time? (Tweet) Most likely not and Im starting to believe this is why we face so many behavior challenges. 

In moments of bad behavior all focus is consumed by the problem and you have the motivation to move mountains to make the behavior stop. However, in moments of good behavior those mountains feel too heavy to push. This is because the overall goal and plan has not been set.

What if today you set out to improve challenging meal times with your family with a full plan? It would take energy and focus, but in six months you could be eating spaghetti and meatballs with your small being, talking about the upcoming weekend adventure. 

What if today you decided to take that energy and focus to bedtime? Again, in six months your small being could be getting ready for bed, no muss, no fuss and asleep on time! Want these dreams to come true? Then you need to decide what your family goals are and get started!

To set a goal there needs to be a plan of action. A starting point, specific steps to achieve a change and an end goal/result/desire. There needs to be a way to measure that goal, so that you know that it was achieved. The last piece is a maintenance plan, a plan of action to keep that achieved goal in place. Otherwise, backsliding happens and all the hard work disappears.

One note to those of you who are overachievers like myself: Dont pick too many goals at once. If you do, then you're likely to get overwhelmed and throw out all the goals. Start with just one or two goals. When they're achieved, pick some more. Take small steps for these big changes!

Ideas into Action!

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