How to Stick to Your Goals: My Failproof Formula

What were your New Year’s resolutions? How are they going?

If you’re sticking with them -- incredible! I'm celebrating here with you!

If not, I wonder what happened. (And know that you’re not alone! Most people break their new years resolutions before January 10th.)

New Year’s resolutions always feel to me like another form of behavior goals. So let's look at a few ways you can keep your progress going or start some new ones. Life is more exciting when we have a goal to work toward!

Dr. Marcie’s formula for sticking to your goals:

  1. Decide on 2-3 goals -- any more will be overwhelming
  2. Write them down in objective, observable, and measurable language. How will you know when you've met your goal? Keep this in mind as you write.
  3. Put the goals somewhere you will see them. Try to look at them least once a week. To stay on track, you need to be reminded. Personally, I like to put pop-up reminders in my calendar twice a week with my goals.
  4. Talk to someone else about your goals. Tell them not only your goals but also your timeline. Accountability is a huge motivator. If it’s with your family, then maybe you can start doing a weekly family meeting to check in on how the goals are coming along.
  5. Take action steps! Goals only get accomplished when you actually do something.
  6. Celebrate all the small steps that you make on the way to your big goal! (Tweet) Rejoicing in each step will keep your motivation high when the enormity of your goal feels overwhelming.

This is how I accomplish most of the goals in my life, both personally and professionally. I get clear, I make a plan, I tell people, and then take huge action to make it happen.

You can do the same! If you need help knowing what action to take, then find someone out there who can help you. Do know that I’m here for you if you need me!

Insight Into Action!

What is one of your goals for this year? Write it below!


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