It's Hard to Be a Parent!

Do you ever wake up thinking, Wow, its hard to be a parent/teacher/chef/construction worker/human being?  I know I have!

When this happens there are two choices: 

1. Feel really sorry for yourself: Create a list of reasons why life for you is so difficult and eat chocolate to numb the pain.

2. Get out of bed: Start the day by answering the question, What can I do to make today better? Then eat chocolate to celebrate your action plan.

Personally, I opt for the second choice! And heres why: We all have faced challenges, stress and hard moments that we never thought would end.

While we might not be able to change the thoughts that we are experiencing, we can change our perspective.

While we might not be able to change our feelings about what is happening, we can change our actions. (Tweet)

While we might not even be able to change the circumstances that are making things so challenging, we can change our reactions in the face of these challenges.

So, the next time you wake up feeling like being a grown up is just too much remind yourself of the incredible advantages we have by being over 18. Go buy a lottery ticket, register to vote, drive a car, buy a bottle of wine or eat dessert first! The next time your small being is arguing with you and it seems as if the debate will never end, stop talking. The argument is finished.  The next time you are feeling less than fabulous about your family, practice my “I Love You Because” exercise and be reminded of all the good in your family.

Taking action is a sure fire way to change your feelings of overwhelm, frustration, despair and exhaustion at what life has sent your way. Take just one small step and eventually the small steps add up to significant changes in your life, perspective and thoughts! 

Ideas into Action!

What action steps will you take today?

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