Top Three Stress-Fighting Behaviors to Increase Your Patience

Halloween candy has now invaded your home and you know what’s coming next…holiday parties, lots of delicious foods and running around to get your holiday shopping accomplished.

All of us forget the impact that extra stress will have on our well being and our lives.

Stress affects our behavior in countless ways:

  • Your frustration tolerance is lower,
  • You are less patient,
  • You are more prone to yelling at your small beings or simply giving up overall.

While many think of stress purely as a feeling/emotion/state of being, it also manifests physically. This includes lack of sleep, weight gain, and ulcers.

And as you may well know, stress does show itself through your behavior. During the holiday season you’ll be more likely to yell at your small beings, binge eat, or watch hours of television to avoid your task list.

Here’s what I’ve observed: The more stressed you are, the more stressed your small beings are!

There’s a way through the coming months – are you ready?

Control the stress with behavior! (Tweet)

There are some super simple physical techniques you can use to change your stress level.

And when you change your stress level your behavior will change…and you will magically find yourself on a tropical beach with a plate of chocolate strawberries.

Okay, maybe I’m being silly there.

What I mean is that when you lessen your stress level you will become the better version of yourself who is more efficient, effective, and competent.

Here are my top 3 stress-fighting behaviors that you can do with your small being.

1.     Drink water - 8 ounces down the hatch at one sitting

2.     Move - 10 jumping jacks, dance to one song or walk around the block

3.     Breath - 5 long slow deep breaths

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Insight Into Action!

Parents: What can you commit to doing today that will improve your stress level?

Teachers: What is one thing you can integrate into your work day that can improve stress ?

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