How to Instill Better Homework Skills

Homework -- it's a must! It's something that every small and medium being must learn to do in order to get through school. More importantly, it's a life skill.

Think about it: How much homework do you do a week? If you're a full time mom, how much time do you spend cleaning up dishes at night, long after the work day is done? If you're a lawyer, how many times do you need to review documents late at night?  If you run your own business, how many emails do you send after the doors to your shop have closed? 

We all have homework, it's part of life!  Let’s instill in our small beings good behaviors around homework, so that they can take those skills into the rest of their lives! (Tweet)

Good homework behavior includes, finding a specific time and space to do homework.  

Personally, I try to only answer emails when sitting at my desk and not bring my computer all around my apartment. Having a specific time to get homework done will also mean that it does not drag on all night or hang over your small and medium being's head. This is so important so they can give homework their full attention at homework time and move on with their full attention to other activities in their life.

Have your small and medium being be part of the planning! This will help them be excited about the process and the space - even when they are not excited about a specific assignment.

Find small ways to give homework a positive spin in your home.  Point out to your small being that you are doing your homework while they are doing theirs.  Show your medium being where it is in your home that you do your homework (maybe you have a home office or just a specific spot where to tend to answer emails) and talk with them about their special place to do to their homework. 

Think about the language you use when talking about your own work and making a plan for their homework to be completed.  If you can find a positive way to talk about it, it is more likely they will have a positive attitude about completing it!

Remember you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar!

Ideas into Action!

What homework strategies have worked best with your small or medium being?  Leave your feedback, experience and thoughts in the comment section below this post or email directly with your behavior insights!

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