In the United States - Today is a Big Day!!

Today is a time full of families and Bar-b-Que’s and Fireworks. We sure do know how to celebrate today!

Ever stop and think about what we are actually celebrating. It is the nations birthday, it is the best birthday party ever! It is also independence day, celebrating independence as a birthday gift. What a gift it is!!

Sit down with your small beings today, maybe in-between corn on the cob and some potato salad and make a list of the freedoms your family is grateful for. Highlighting this for your children is powerful to teach them to recognize the gifts in their life.

So many families call me and ask about how to teach their children to appreciate their life and all the advantages they have. This is how you do it. One conversation at a time. Just remember you need to keep having the conversations about the gifts and joys and magic in their lives.

I will start you off:

1. I am grateful for the freedom of speech! (it allows me to share my views)

2. Thank you for the freedom of education! (children around the country have schools to attend because that is a freedom in our country) 

3. Thank you for independent publishing (it is how i published my book, Love Your Classroom Again)

4. I am grateful for independence in travel! (Plane or train or bus, I can move around the country safety to visit friends and family)

5. Independence of choice! (we get to choice what we have for breakfast, what clothes to wear and what tv show to watch…so many many many choices in our lives)






You finish the list! Let me know you what you add…would love to hear it!!