How to Create Summer Joy + Fun All Year Long

There's something about the summer slowdown that lets more joy and fun into daily life. As summer progresses that feeling intensifies. It's fabulous!

Simply put, stress doesn't seem like stress when you're headed to the pool, the beach, or the park. Things that normally bother us seem like no big deal.

And then school starts and it's back to intense routines with jam-packed schedules. As you dive back into the rhythm, all your fresh memories of summer adventures hurt to think about!

I say this because I'm scared myself. I'm in the midst of an incredible week in the woods, one of my favorite places to be. I'm reading, writing, and hiking. By the end of my stay I have no doubt that I will be recharged.

But I know what is coming.

Since the change of seasons and schedule is inevitable, the only thing that one can do is take action.

And as your behavior specialist friend, I have some ideas for you!

My team and I gathered the best blogs focused on helping you increase the level of joy and fun throughout the year. I'm happy to have reminded of myself of all these strategies, because it will soon be time to use them.

Click here or on the helpful "More Joy + Fun" yellow box to the right of this blog to access a resource page for strategies that will help you bring that summertime feeling to your family or classroom all year long.

Insight Into Action!

Parents and Teachers: What is one way that you will keep that relaxed summer feeling into the school year?

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