How to Talk to Kids About the Election

The country is no doubt divided. No matter what side of the political spectrum you're on it’s hard to avoid the heated debates and rants of this political moment.

Unfortunately, our children are caught in the middle of it. While many parents filter the movies and television shows their kids get to watch, most people leave the news on in front of their kids. Most of that content is negative and much of it uses scare tactics.

We teach children that lying is bad, that yelling is disrespectful, and that you will not tolerate them calling people names. Yet, your children are watching our leaders exhibit all of these bad behaviors over and over again.

This weekend I spoke with Fox News about how to talk with your children about what is happening in the election.

You’ll hear lots of great insights in the clip below, but there is one point I didn’t get a chance to mention.

Do not talk to them about the negatives about the opposing candidate as your kids have heard enough of that from family, classmates, and the media. Let your kids know that you’re going to vote for someone you think would do positive things for this country. End the hatred and fear this campaign has started by having positive conversations about politics with your children. (Click to Tweet) Teach them that a solid vision for the future is more important than anything else.