How to Turn Miserable Mornings Into Marvelous Mornings

I’m done having miserable mornings!!! They suck the energy from the day and make you feel terrible overall. (Click to Tweet)

So I’ve make it my mission to change them – in my life and for everyone in my community. That means you!!

I know, I know, the last time you left the house on time you were pregnant for the first time.

And it might seem like a fantasy to be able to leave the house calmly, but I gotta tell ya, I’ve worked with many families on what I’m talking about on today’s blog and they saw a dramatic difference in their early morning hours.  

Today's post is part of a fresh, new series my team and I are creating called "Real Talk About Parenting." It's direct and powerful -- like a shot of morning espresso!

Insight Into Action!

Parents: How did it go speaking to your kids differently about the mornings?

Teachers: What is the hardest part of the school day for children to have energy? How can you talk about that part of the day differently?


With a little help we can all grow. If a special person in your life can use this information, then please forward this blog.

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