How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up ... Even When You're Frustrated

Frustrating moments are so common.

And that’s alright …

But what do you do when in the midst of the immense frustration your small being makes a big mess?

She spills milk all over the kitchen table when you have to walk out the door in five minutes. The milk pours everywhere and over everything. You think you might really lose it.

And then you do. You flip out one minute and feel bad the next. You all leave the house five minutes late and in terrible moods. It’s a horrible start to the day.

This week I talk about how you can change this course of events with a few simple adjustments. (Click to Tweet) Watch the video below to find out how.

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one thing you can do differently next time you feel your frustration level rising?

Teachers: What is one typical incident that frustrates you in your classroom? How can you prepare for it?


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