Focusing on the Positive: How to Make it a Habit with Your Small Being

Whether you're managing staff or small beings, behavior principles are universal.

People are often afraid to put structure in place, but it can make creation easier, because you actually create from the limitations you have — your structure.

And this is where choice comes into the picture. When you make clear decisions on what you would like to focus on you are creating a structure that can change your outlook.

Michael Ian Cedar and Dr. Marcie Beigel talk about how to create a structure at the beginning of your day that can dramatically alter you and your small being’s experience.

If you start the day looking at the bad things, then you'll get that from the day. (Tweet) Ask your small being to focus on acts of kindness and that’s the way they'll see the world. Create a specific intent of what to focus on, so when you come back at the end of the day you know where to place your focus.

Ideas into Action!

What concept or idea do you want to start to notice in your day? How did it go when your small being noticed it throughout the day?

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