How to Have Quality Time with a Busy Schedule

There are so many things to do and so many possible ways to fill the 24 hours of each day.

How many of those hours do you spend in the same space as your small being? How much of that time do you spend interacting with your small being? How many of those minutes are providing your small being with your full attention?

My guess is that only a small fraction of your day is spent giving your full attention to your small being. This does not include when your small being demands your attention via bad behavior, but only the time that you chose to give to your small being fun and laughter. 

I would like to see that small fraction increased! Here's why:

1. Providing your full attention to your small being will build a stronger relationship with your small being.

2. It will reduce problem behavior. All small beings need attention -- quality attention. If you give it to them on your terms, then they're less likely to demand it with bad behavior.

3. You could truly use a break from checking email -- doesn't everyone? Take a moment to engage with the people you love.

4. The way to have more smiles, sharing and joy in your home is to create those good times. (Tweet) Unfortunately, the magic parenting wand is out of stock. Seriously, better behavior is unlikely to magically happen on its own.

Creating more quality 1:1 time with your small being does not require that you find hours of each day to make it happen. Just a few minutes of full attention can go a long way! You may even be able to take some of the time that you already spend together and redirect focus to transform it into quality time. On the walk to school, talk to your small being about the day and the walk, rather than going over your to do-list in your head. It's one small step you can take today.

Ideas into Action!

When was the last time you spent quality time with your small being? How did it go? Leave your feedback, experience and thoughts in the comment section below this post or email directly with your behavior insights!

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