How Kids Know if They Should Listen to You

Do you ever feel like a broken record when you talk to your kids?

Over and over and over again you tell them to do something … and then they never do it!

Then you're left feeling disrespected and frustrated.

The thing is, your small beings won't listen if they don't believe you.

Be honest! Do you really mean, “It’s time for dinner?” Do you start screaming for them to come 10 minutes before dinner is actually ready because you expect them not to listen?

The only way to get your kiddos to listen is for you to say things that you actually mean.

When you don’t feel strongly about a rule, small beings sense that and respond accordingly.

If you don’t believe me, then hear it from a kid. Today, the Behavior + Beyond resident small being tells you why you better believe in what you say before you give direction to a small being.

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one common request you make of your small being that they often ignore? How can you be more clear in your directions?

Teachers: What is one common frustration with student behavior? How can you be more clear in your direction before the behavior happens?


With a little help we can all grow. If a special person in your life can use this information, then please forward this blog.

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