When You Don't Think Anything Can Change, Try This

I recently attended a conference about health and – phew -- I think I received about 10,000 suggestions to keep my body healthy. The directives ranged from specific foods to supplements to oils to exercise…. and a heap of books to learn more about foods and supplements and oils and exercises.

I was fascinated and took pages of notes. To make this learning actionable, I made a list of things to do for myself. It ended up being three pages long. I was pumped and ready to tackle the health world and do it ALL!!

Then I got home.

Overwhelm settled in. I looked at the notes and could not remember why I wanted to take one set of vitamins over the another or why I had to give up dairy, because ice cream is a food group all of it’s own to me. I looked at my three pages of to-do’s and thought, “There’s no way I could ever get this all done.”

So, I gave up.

The next day I spoke with someone I met at the workshop and was inspired by what she was doing. I thought to myself, “I can take one simple step. So, today I’ll make a plan for the supermarket so that I purchase food more in line with the health choices I want to be making.”

And I did it!

After that step, I looked at my three-page list and picked one more thing to do: get a rebounder and start jumping each morning for five minutes. Not a huge commitment, but it gets my body moving in the morning and it’s fun. I thought to myself, “Simple enough and totally an achievable goal!!

If I had started with a morning routine that’s 45-minutes long I would have never moved forward – it’s too daunting.

Are you wondering what this has to do with behavior and how the way I’m changing my health practices will help you and your small being?

It’s simple! The steps for behavior change are the same. Always!

Whatever behavior you want to change -- health, wealth, business or your small being – the steps are the same. Find something you want to change, learn how to change it, create a long-term plan and start with the first small step.

Celebrate each small step you take! The celebration will help keep you motivated and on track.

Most families who I work with individually need guidance around big behaviors. What they mean by “big”: they occur daily and have been happening for years.

If we make a plan that will create change all at once, then big beings will freeze in overwhelm, just like I did when I got back from my workshop.

But, if we outline the first two steps and put these into action you’ll see shifts start to happen. This is how true behavior change occurs!

Small steps truly do lead to big behavior changes. (Tweet)

Insight into Action!

What steps will you take today? It can be the smallest, most infinitesimal change that you will put into action. There is no step too small, as all the little increments really do add up.

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