Behavior Change Comes Any Time, Is Your Time Now? Four-Steps for Taking Action

This past week I talked to so many new people! Communicating with new families is the nature of my career, but this week was special because I led more workshops than usual. I spoke with a nice variety of people who have small beings in their life - parents, professionals and aspiring teachers. It was a great week! I heard the same thing from several parents, I wish I had met you five years ago! My answer to each of them was, Thankfully you found me now and not in five years.

Many families over the years have mentioned that they received my contact number a year or two ago, yet waited to call me when they felt that the time was right. 

So, what makes the timing right? Whats the right moment to make a change? Specifically, Im talking about behavioral change, but the ideas are the same for any type of shift in your life.

Heres my four steps to control when its time to take action:

1. Decide. You need to decide if its time to change. Its not the number of times your small being tantrums that motivates you to connect with me, its you deciding that you dont want to go through one more tantrum. Please recognize that you had agency in that process!

2. Get committed. The best way to get committed to any transformation is to think about the consequences. What will happen in the future if you DONT make a change? What will happen in the future if you DO make a change? Get super clear about both possibilities. When you see the negative impact that maintaining a status quo gives you, youll be ready to change. The light at the end of the tunnel is clear if you look for it!

3. Pick a plan. Just like you simply make a decision that its time to start, you can easily determine your plan and how to put it into place. Do your research and find something that resonates with you and go with it. Get specific about what the plan is and how long you will commit to it (this is super important). The other essential piece is how youll measure the results. Without measurement you will not know if the plan is working.

4. Take action. Change will not happen until action is taken. (Tweet) That first step can be the biggest hurdle, but once its taken, taking similar moves will be easier! Being comfortable taking action is the behavior change that will benefit you the most.

Heres the exciting part, you can take these four steps and create change in your life and the life of small beings around you anytime! Go ahead, take the first step and make up your mind to make a change!

Ideas into Action!

Pick a behavior challenge that you want to change in your small being or yourself. Decide on just one. Figure out why it's of utmost importance to change this behavior. Pick a plan (here's a resource to help) and then take the first step. The action is the actual change!


Then let me know how it goes. Leave your feedback, experience and thoughts in the comment section below this post or email directly with your behavior insights!


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