Stress-Busting Techniques from Dr. Marcie and Liza Pitsirilos

This was one of my favorite Ask Me Anythings yet!

Liza Pitsirlos joined me for a frank discussion about how to sail through the holiday season with increased joy and decreased stress. (And for some free party gifts email her at:

Before you dive into the videos remember this:

  • wellness is a spectrum - we all move through the spectrum
  • wellness is more than just a state of being - it has layers
  • to maintain wellness takes time: to breath, eat well and consider your energetic input, as well as output

You can do it!


In this video you'll learn:

How to combat the excitement of this time of year and get kids to focus? Create time for them to be excited and time for them to do school work. Both are important and if you let them know when each will happen, all can get done. Use the excitement to teach :) rather than fight it


In this video you'll learn:

How to keep the routines in place during this time of year:

  • Look at why you have the routines in place and alter them as needed to fit your needs during the holidays.
  • Acknowledge that you are changing them, talk about it!

Everyone has such short fuses these days - how can we cope?

  • Remember self care will affect your patience.
  • Be the model of the behavior you want from your kids. So, when you’re tired, say so and let your kids know what you’re going to do to take care of yourself.
  • Do the same with angry or frustrated emotions.


Parents, Teachers, and Professionals: What is one action you will take to make this holiday season less stressful? (Tweet)

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