Parenting Resources for Summer Break from Dr. Marcie

There’s a heat wave in NYC. And everyone (everyone!) is talking about it.
Some folks have headed out of town to escape the heat. Others are scheduling mostly indoor plans.
Other than making a few small tweaks, that include purchasing a new air conditioner, I gotta say, I’ve been thriving in the heat. There’s a lot less people on the streets and plenty of room in the parks. It's been a blast!
Sometimes extreme weather can bring extreme behavior or at least parenting challenges that need immediate attention.

So, my team and I gathered all of the best blogs about parenting during school breaks and put them on one easy-to-access resource page.

You can check it out here as well as the yellow box on the side of the page labeled "School Breaks + Holidays."

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

Insight Into Action!

Parents and Teachers: What is one behavior management skill you can master during now and the start of school?

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