The Secret That Gets Children to Read Every Day

Are there things you ask your small being to do that you would not do yourself? Honestly?

I’m sure there are!
Many elementary schools have a homework rule for reading. Generally, they assign kids to read 20-30 minutes a night. I love this homework but so many families fight about it. You’d think the Treaty of Versailles was being negotiated. Deals, compromises and arguments fly with emotions running high. This happens each and every night in households across the country...probably even world.
This school year, I’m asking you all a hard question: How many big beings do you know who read 30 minutes a day?

Consecutively! The milliseconds checking email, Facebook or Twitter and skimming newspaper headlines do not count here. I’m talking about actually reading and focused on one story, topic and subject.
How many people do you know do this?
I’m guessing not many.
I know it's hard because I actually tried doing it myself. I made it two days in a row, then stopped is busy. Bad answer! My life would be better if I read 30 minutes every day.
Let’s stop asking our kids to do things that we won’t do! (Tweet) Instead of asking your small being to do something that you won’t do, start doing it. If there is fighting in your home about home reading time my suggestion is to stop fighting and start reading. Ideally, you and your small being can sit down with books at the same time for your 30 minutes. That would be amazing!
As you know, I don’t have any of my own small beings at home. Yet, I'm going to start making it a priority to read 30 minutes a day, so that I can set an example for the small beings in my practice. This small step will lead to big changes!
Insight into Action!
Parents: Can you or another big being in your home commit to reading with your small being every night? It's much harder to advocate for something that you're not willing to prioritize yourself.

Teachers: Can you make reading a daily practice for yourself? Bring the books you're reading to school and show them to your students. You'll become the model of what you're teaching.


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