How Teachers Can Bankrupt Tony Robbins

A few days after a workshop I did for 200+ teachers, a friend who attended called me and said, “You just figured out how to bankrupt Tony Robbins!”

She was rather excited and I was rather confused.

“I did?! He’s a pretty sophisticated businessperson, so how the heck am I going to do that?”

“With executive functioning, of course,” she said congenially. Her tone, however, was more in the vein of, “DUH, Marcie!”

She continued, “I read your blog on executive functioning. The precise skills you spoke about are exactly what Tony Robbins and like-minded coaches teach to adults. They focus on how attendees can organize their lives, manage their time, and handle their priorities. If your students learned this from their teachers, then when they become adults they won’t need to spend the huge amounts of money necessary to learn them (Tony ain't cheap).

“The more teachers know these things, the more students will be able to have those skill as adults… and eventually these coaches will be out of business.”

“Ahhhh”, I said. “Now I see.”

I brought up an important point, “Most of the time of the time these skills are only taught to kids who are struggling.”

My friend was relentless, “Don't you see? It doesn’t have to be that way!”

Herein lie the keys to bankrupting the self-help industry: teaching more students executive functioning skills. Those are the fundamental capabilities that lead to success as adults. (Click to Tweet)

I’m looking forward to helping more teachers shape small beings who grow into adults who don't need life coaching support, because they’ll know how to manage themselves and their time to the utmost!

Insight Into Action!

Parents: What is one time management or organizational skill you can teach to your small being this week?

Teachers: What is one way you can integrate time management and/or organizational skills into your curriculum?


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